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Report Year: 2016
Lost Grove Lake, Lake Scott County County
Summary Data Table
Lake Depth (m)12.514.312.613.1
Thermocline Depth (m)
Secchi Disk Depth (m)
Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L)
Dissolved Oxygen Saturation (%)129102107112.7
Specific Conductivity (μS/cm)360.0390.0410.0386.7
Turbidity (NTU)<
Chlorophyll a (μg/L)7.515.416.613.2
Total Phosphorus as P (μg/L)29.621.627.526.2
SRP as P (μg/L)<2.8<2.8<2.8<2.8
TKN (mg/L)0.750.69<0.50.64
Total Dissolved Solids (g/L)
Total Nitrogen as N (mg/L)----
(Phenate)Ammonia Nitrogen (NH3 + NH4+) as N (μg/L)117.604.20<0.632
(Phenate)Ammonia Nitrogen (NH3) as N (un-ionized)(μg/L)321-210
Nitrate + Nitrite (NO3 + NO2) as N (mg/L)0.17<0.07<0.07<0.07
TN:TP ratio----
Alkalinity as CaCO3 (mg/L)167171187175
Silica as Si (mg/L)----
Dissolved Organic Carbon (mg/L)29.5039.8042.1037.13
Inorganic Suspended Solids (mg/L)1<0.821
Volatile Suspended Solids (mg/L)4343
Total Suspended Solids (mg/L)5365
Carlson Trophic State Index (Secchi)*46486851
Carlson Trophic State Index (Chl a)*50575856
Carlson Trophic State Index (TP)*53485251
*Index values generally range between 0 and 100, with increasing values indicating more eutrophic conditions.
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