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Iowa State University Limnology Laboratory is certified to analyze non-potable water samples for:

Contaminant Name Source Method Name
Ammonia(as N) SM 4500-NH3 G(19-21)(AutoPhenate)
Kjeldahl Nitrogen(Total as N) EPA 351.2 Rev2.0 (1993)
Nitrate-Nitrite(Total as N) SM 4500-N03 E
Alkalinity as CaCO3 SM 2320 B
Orthophosphate(as P) SM 4500-P E(18.19.20)
Phosphorus(Total) SM 4500-P B.5(Sample Preparation)
Phosphorus(Total) SM 4500-P E(18.19.20)
Residue- Nonfilterable(TSS) SM 2540D
Hydrogen Ion(pH) SM 4500-H +B
Residue- Volatile EPA 160.4


If you would like to request sample bottles or obtain a price quote please contact the Chemistry Laboratory at 515-294-7373.